When Bad Things Happen

“All things God works for the good of those who love him.”

Romans 8:28

The reason our Earth…the very ground underneath our feet…is held in place is because of the opposition it faces.

So this is how it works…the propelling actions of centripetal forces coupled with the repelling counteraction of centrifugal forces keep the Earth in orbit around the sun instead of flinging it into space and into a path of destruction.

God guides our lives in the same way.  It is not enough to have only a propelling force. We need an equal repelling force…and this is why God sometimes holds us back and allows us to go through the testing ordeals of life.

Those pressures of temptations and trials and all the things that seem to be against us are actually what strengthen our foundation and further our progress.

It is my prayer today that as we make progress we will thank God for both our struggles and our breakthroughs…amen.

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