Testing Testing…1-2-1-2

“There He tested them.”

Exodus 15:25

In the testing room of a steel mill there are instruments and equipment that test pieces of steel to their limits and measure their breaking point.  Some steel pieces are twisted until they break. Some are stretched to their breaking point, with their level of strength also noted.  And others are compressed to their crushing point and then measured.

The Manager of the mill knows exactly how much stress and strain each piece of steel can endure if it was used to build a ship, a building, or a bridge.

God like the steel mill Manager, wants us to be like toughened pieces of steel, able to endure all manner of pressure and forces without collapsing…and so He tests us regularly.

He tests us in His testing room of suffering…and therein lies the problem.  Because even though many of us know from our own experiences that suffering is indeed God’s testing room of faith…we still avoid and despise the very testing that develops our faith.  And we wonder why God won’t just mature our faith without suffering.

As we enter this new work week, we must learn to see our suffering as God putting us into His crucible of affliction to test the purity of our gold and to separate the dross from the metal.

It is my prayer that the hurricanes that blow across this life’s raging sea will  bring us to a point where we will believe that it is better to weather the storm with Christ than to sail smooth waters without Him…amen.

4 thoughts on “Testing Testing…1-2-1-2

  1. I can relate and even though I believe that trials, which build character are from God, I usually grumble when I am going through them. After reading your piece, I am convicted that, resisting will only prolong/intensify the “suffering”… Going forward, I will do nothing but comply… at least it will shorten the trial period… Stay Blessed…


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