It is Ours to Bear

“Carrying his own cross…”

John 19:17

There is a story we’ve all heard some variation of in which a weary woman who thought that the cross she must bear surely was heavier than those of other people, so she wished she could choose another person’s instead.

So God took her to a place where there were many different crosses of various shapes and sizes from which to choose.

The most beautiful one was covered with jewels and gold. “This I could wear with comfort,” she said…so she picked it up.  But her weak body staggered beneath its weight…the jewels and gold were beautiful, yet they were much too heavy for her to carry.

The next cross she noticed was quite lovely, with beautiful flowers entwined around its sculptured form.  Surely this was the one for her.  Again she lifted it, but beneath the flowers were large thorns that pierced and tore her skin.

After trying many other crosses for which she thought she was better suited, she finally she came to a plain cross without any jewels or carvings and with only a few words of love inscribed on it…when she picked it up, it proved to be better than all the rest, and the easiest to carry…

On further examination of that Cross she realized it as her own old cross…after going round in circles she found that her original cross was the best and the lightest for her.

The moral of this story is that, God knows best what cross we can bear, and has already given it to us.

We can never know what someone else’s cross feels like.  When we envy someone who is rich, with a cross of gold adorned with jewels, we do not know how heavy it is.

When we look at someone whose life seems so easy and who carries a cross covered with flowers…we don’t know what they suffer under those pretty flowers.

We must move away from the immaturity of thinking that God has been unfair in His distribution of blessing and suffering.  That type of covetousness is not only a waste of time but it leads to a life unfulfilled.

My prayer today is that we will come to the saving knowledge that God is faithful and He will not place upon us any burden or blessing beyond what we can bear. (1 Corinthians 10:13).  May we find peace knowing that the cross we are experiencing now is not a mistake…it’s not a coincidence…and it’s not meant for anyone else.  It is designed specifically for us.  And as part of the design, God has also provided a way for us to endure it…amen!

5 thoughts on “It is Ours to Bear

  1. I can relate and even though I believe that trials, which build character are from God, I usually grumble when I am going through them. After reading your piece, I am convicted that, resisting will only prolong/intensify the “suffering”… Going forward, I will do nothing but comply… at least it will shorten the trial period… Stay Blessed…


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