Useful Blocks

“I will build you with stones of turquoise.”

Isaiah 54:11

Every stone starts out as part of a mountain where fire and rain work on them for ages.  Then human hands work on them and make them into homes and useful buildings.  But to get to that point of useful service, here is what these stones have to go through:

  1. Dynamite blows them out from the sides of the mountains and rugged cliffs.
  2. Pickaxes break and split them into pieces.
  3. The pieces lay disfigured and broken in a quarry, where everything seems to be without design or meaning
  4. Over time they are cut into blocks.  Some are chiseled with sharper instruments until they have a fine edge.
  5. When they are complete, they are placed in their proper place in a house or a church or an office.

Clearly, to come to the point of being used, these stones endure a lot.  Likewise all of us in our progression towards service to God and man must endure something…and currently we are each at some stage in this process.

Some of us are still in the quarry.  We are not complete…our lives seem to be without design or meaning…but gradually we are being cut into useful blocks.

No matter what it feels like now, we are destined to be part of a grand building.  It is my prayer  that we will be placed into the infrastructure of that building by angelic hands and becoming a living stone in a heavenly temple…amen!

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