God Runs a Costly School…

“For it has been granted to you on behalf of Christ not only to believe in Him, but also to suffer for Him”

Philippians 1:29

The world’s finest china, is always fired at least three times.  It is forced to endure intense heat…not once…not twice…but thrice so that the gold, crimson, and other colors will be brighter, more beautiful, and permanently attached.

We are fashioned after the same principle.  The trials of this life are burned into us numerous times, in order that through God’s grace, we will become more beautiful, and the Godly colors formed in us will shine forever.

Surely, no matter our age, we can all attest to the fact that many of our troubles have become the most beautiful part of who we are.

The school of our heavenly Father, at the point of our death will eventually close on us…but while we have life, it is my prayer that we will never run from difficult lessons or flinch from the rod of discipline…amen!

9 thoughts on “God Runs a Costly School…

  1. Great insight into our purpose of calling. It is is the ‘no cross no crown’ principle of working out our salvation. The grain of wheat in fact must fall down and die before it can have the ‘thousand fold’ effect of yield.
    God will SURELY provide the fertile soil for our growth but the wicked winds of winter must be endured whilst we use up the ground. See how the glamorous trees lose their splendor through the shedding of their leaves that constitutes their natural pride but regains them utmost beauty in springtime after going through the strife of the buffeting and chastisement of cold moments of winter. Yes, trails prevail but the reward of glory awaits.


  2. True, but hard to accept. This is the paradox of the ‘sbundant life’ that Christ gives us. We expect it to be pain and trouble free, but God tells us to ‘count it all joy, when we face trials’..

    We need to be reminded of this more often!

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