“After waiting patiently, Abraham received what was promised.”

Hebrews 6:15

Abraham was tested for a very long time, in a variety of ways.  The Lord tested him by delaying the fulfillment of His promise.  People tested him through their jealousy, distrust, and opposition to him.  Even Sarah his wife tested him through her worrisome temperament.

Yet he patiently endured, not questioning God’s truthfulness and power, or doubting God’s faithfulness and love.

Instead, Abraham submitted to God’s divine sovereignty and infinite wisdom, and he was silent through many delays.  Willing to wait for the Lord’s timing…and having patiently endured, he then obtained the fulfillment of the promise.

When things seems like they are never going to turn around for us, we must be encouraged by the knowledge that God’s promises can never fail to be accomplished.  And that those who patiently wait can never be disappointed, because believing faith leads to realization.

Abraham’s life condemns a spirit of hastiness.  It admonishes those who complain.  Commends those who are patient, and encourages quiet submission to God’s will and way.

I pray today that we will all imitate Abraham’s example of patience and endurance and share in his blessing of seeing our dreams fulfilled…amen!

5 thoughts on “Waiting…Patiently

  1. Patience move mountains they say. Occasionally, we may be impatient for results. God help us to overcome such occasions. Amen


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