Just Delegate!

“You’re going to wear yourself out–and the people, too. This job is too heavy a burden for you to handle all by yourself.”

Exodus 18:18.

This scripture relates to Moses who had been tasked with being the sole judge for thousands of Israelites, but found it very burdensome. And so his father-in-law gave him some wise advice. Delegate.

Many people struggle with delegation. It’s strange but the truth is we often cling onto certain tasks because we take pride in the control and recognition we receive from doing them. Yet, delegating gives others the opportunity to prove their worth if we give them the chance.

Not to mention that we can be much more effective with our time because it is multiplied by the effort of many.

Let us pray that God will grant us the grace to relinquish control in those areas of our lives and work onto which we are holding. And delegate to willing and capable people…amen.

8 thoughts on “Just Delegate!

  1. Thank you, I really feel blessed and inspire by your message. Is like you have revealed something soo essential to me.God bless you.Amen


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