Reduced to Gentleness

“The servant of the Lord must…be gentle.”

2 Timothy 2:24

Every additional step of spiritual growth in God’s grace must be preceded by acknowledging our lack of a godly attribute.

However, very few of us are willing to endure the suffering through which complete gentleness is obtained.

We must die to ourselves before we are turned into gentleness. And our crucifixion involves suffering. It will mean experiencing genuine brokenness and a crushing of self, which will be used to afflict our hearts and conquer our minds.

Today many of us are attempting to use our mental capacity and logical thinking to obtain sanctification, yet this is nothing but a religious fabrication.

We believe that if we just mentally put ourselves on the altar and believe the altar provides the gift of sanctification, we can then logically conclude we are fully sanctified.

Then we go happily on our way, expressing our flippant, theological babble about the “deep” things of God.

Yet through it all, the heartstrings of our old nature have not been broken. And our unyielding character, which we inherited from Adam, has not been ground to powder.

It is my prayer that all of us will experience the throbbing and lonely, gushing groans of Gethsemane. And that having earned the scars of a death on Calvary, we will exhibit the soft, sweet, gentle, restful, victorious, overflowing, and triumphant life of Christ…amen.

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