It’s ours for the taking

“Lift up your eyes from where you are and look north and south, east and west. All the land that you see I will give to you.”

Genesis 13:14–15.

This is one of those scriptures we often dismiss as an ‘old testament promise’ that has relevance today. Especially because today the only apparent way to have all that you see is simply to have the cash to afford it.

But as Christians, when we think this way we err. Because this scripture is actually a spiritual promise that holds true…but we can only access it through faith.

Whenever we conceive an idea, we must surrender that idea to the Holy Spirit. We must draw close to Him, and completely open up our souls to His power, allowing our entire being to receive the baptism of His presence.

When we do so, He opens our understanding, enabling us to see His fullness, and at that point we must simply believe that through Him whatever we have conceived is ours.

But even in believing, God does not leave us alone because He knows it’s hard. The same God who has put a given desire on our hearts will provide the grace we need to keep our hope alive and help us along the way to the fulfillment of His promise.

This God who puts the natural instinct in the heart of a bird to fly across a continent in search of a warmer climate will not deceive it. When they make the journey, they indeed find warmer weather.

Likewise, He who breathes hope into our hearts will not deceive or fail us when we press forward toward its realization.

My prayer is that we will believe that no desire will ever be placed in us by the Holy Spirit unless He intends to fulfill it. So have faith! Rise up and soar away to claim all the land you can discover..amen.

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