Are we really ready?

“A voice of one calling in the wilderness, ‘Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for him.’” Matthew 3:3

Christmas is only a few days away. “Are we ready for it?”

Some of us have all the externals ready for the holiday celebrations.

Others of us may feel chronically unprepared and overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by the hectic pace of our lives triggered by the enormity of the issues we face, such as a difficult economy, the speed of technological innovations, unprecedented moral questions, ecological disasters, and unrelenting acts of violence and threats of terror.

Still others of us have a sense of dis-ease and are searching for a sense of purpose and meaning for our lives. Not to mention the meaning of Christmas which appears as tinsel to them.

So how can we really be ready. How must we understand the words of John the Baptist proclaiming that the reign of God has come near?

Are we ready for it?

Are we ready for the coming of the One who “baptizes us with the Holy Spirit and fire” and thus effects the reign of God in our midst?

How do we prepare to receive this ever coming One within our hearts and in our midst?

John is clear in his guidance: “Repent!”

True repentance is born in relationship…in the faith-filled experience of being loved at every moment by God who through Christ came to dwell with us, bear our sins unto death, and send us His very Spirit of Love.

Genuine repentance leads to confession and acceptance of forgiveness. It fills us with gratitude and peace, and brings us back to our true selves-in-Christ in relation to God, others, and creation.

Let it be our prayer, that as we await the coming of Christ, our Father will send forth His Holy Spirit to search, purify, consume, and make holy all that is in us, especially that thing (name it out loud: anger, pride, jealousy, fear etc.) that prevents us from perceiving and welcoming the Risen Christ. Amen.

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