Do the right thing

“And as for you, brothers and sisters, never tire of doing what is good.”

2 Thessalonians 3:13

Regardless of what prompted the author of 2 Thessalonians to end his letter this way, one this is clear…this word of direction is a timely word for us today.

Nowadays it seems as if the kinder and more generous we are to people. The colder and more heartless they are to us.

But if we remember that even though Jesus healed the sick, made the lame walk and gave sight to the blind…we choose Barabbas and crucified Him.

Likewise now that we are disciples of Christ we must expect that our goodness will go largely unrecognized.

But that is not the reason to stop doing good.

Rather we must keep our eyes firmly fixed on the One who came to be with us, and despite all we do against Him, continues through the Holy Spirit to be there for us. This is a gift from God.

Let us not become weary or lazy in doing what is right. When we do what is right then, as disciples of Jesus Christ, we embody His gift to the world.

Just as He was and is our hope, our peace, our joy, and our love, He sends us to be His body in and for the world.

Prayer: Gracious God, help each of us to enter into this season as persons ready to be true disciples of Jesus Christ. Ready to take what we have been given to us and give it away to the world in lives of loving service. Let us seek justice, love mercy, and strive to do what is right through the power of the risen Christ, in whose name we pray, Amen.

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