Just wait…and see

“Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today.”

Exodus 14:13.

When we’re stuck, our mind becomes a very fertile play ground for everything that is not of God.

Despair whispers, “Give up…lie down and die.”

Cowardice says, “Abandon your principles…retreat to the world’s way of doing things. It is too difficult to continue living the part of a Christian.”

Impatience cries, “Get up and do something! To ‘stand firm’ and wait on the Lord is sheer laziness.”

Arrogance boasts, “If the sea is blocking your way, march right into it and expect a miracle.”

But the Master says, “Stand firm!”

I pray that in times of uncertainty…especially if that time is now…don’t be afraid…don’t entertain doubt…just wait!

Never force yourself into action.

If you sense any restraint in your spirit, do not go against it…wait until the way is clear.

May the Lord be with you, bless you, keep, guide and protect you…Amen!

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