My friend is my shepherd…

“Everyone who calls on the name of the LORD will be saved.”

Joel 2:32.

Isn’t it strange how when we’re in trouble we run from one friend to another when God is right next to us and will hear our faintest call?

We are constantly looking in vain for deliverance everywhere else…yet with God we are guaranteed to find it.

With Him it’s not a favor neither is it restricted to certain people…it is a promise…and it is for everyone. That includes you, me and the person we just ran for help…🤔

So rather that placing ourselves and our burdens on our fallible friends who need help themselves…let’s place ourselves and our burdens on the living God.


Dear God, my situation is urgent, and I do not see how I can ever be delivered. Yet this should not be my problem…because I know that You will find a way to keep the promise You made me. My part is simply to obey You and not to direct Your ways. Please help me to remember that I am Your servant and not Your advisor. Give me the grace to call upon You in all my situations and trust that You will deliver me. Amen.

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