Hidden things in secret places

“The secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him, and He will show them His covenant.”

Psalm 25:14

There are certain secrets of God’s providence that we often miss because we feel His dealings with us are harsh or puzzling at best…but that is only how it appears.

If we allow our faith to look beyond the outside, we will find a deeper and hidden meaning.

Just as the true value of diamonds cannot be seen when they are in the rough…the tabernacle in the wilderness had nothing ornate about it from the outside…yet it contained God.

The same it is with us. God sends us several valuable gifts wrapped in unattractive circumstances. But let’s not worry about the wrapping, because we can be sure that inside He has hidden the very answer we’ve been seeking.


Dear God, there are certain situations in my life which make me question You and make me feel like pulling away from You. But I know these same circumstances are in Your Masterful hands and are really meant for my good. Teach me to master my challenges not by stopping their progress but by enduring their discipline. And help me to see that my troubles are shaping me into a vessel of beauty and honor. Amen!

Happy Workers’ Day. May St. Joseph the Worker; patron saint of all workers; bless our effort, bless our families, and guide us all.

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