In all these things…

“in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.”

Romans 8:37

Faith is a beautiful thing…unfortunately, it only grows during storms.

Think about it…the strongest trees are not found in the thick shelter of the forest…they are found in the open…where winds from every direction bear down on them.

The fierce winds bend and twist them until they become giant in stature. These are the trees that toolmakers use for handles for their tools, because of the wood’s great strength.

It is the same in the spiritual world…

When we see a person of great spiritual stature, the road we must travel to walk with them is not one where the sun always shines and flowers always bloom.

Instead, the way is a steep, rocky, and narrow path, where sharp rocks cut…and prickly thorns scratch…and poisonous snakes slither and hiss

The path of faith is one of sorrow and joy…suffering and healing…comfort, tears and smiles, trials and victories, conflicts and triumphs…as well as hardships, dangers, beatings, persecutions, misunderstanding, trouble, and distress.

Yet “in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.” Romans 8:37

Yes… “in all these”…even during storms, when the winds are the most intense… “we are more than conquerors!”


Dear God, I know I’m always tempted to run away from the ordeal of a fierce storm of testing…but I shouldn’t…I really should head straight for it! Please be there to meet me in the center of each trial…and whisper to me Your secrets, so that I may come out of my trials with such an invincible faith that all the demons of hell will never be able to shake it. I ask this in Your Son Jesus’ name…Amen.

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