Hello? Can you hear me?

“I called Him but He did not answer.”

Song of Songs 5:6

Once we claim faith in God…we can be sure He is going to test it. And sometimes He tests it with long delays.

He sometimes allows our voices to echo in our own ears, as if our prayers were rebounding from a contemptuous sky.

There are times when we knock on Heaven’s door, but it has remained immovable, as though its hinges had rusted…and like Jeremiah, we have cried, “You have covered yourself with a cloud so that no prayer can get through” Lamentations 3:44.

True saints of God have endured lengthy times of patient waiting with no reply…not because their prayers were prayed without intensity, or because God did not accept their pleas. It was simply because they were required to wait according to His good purpose.

No prayer is ever lost, neither is any prayer ever breathed in vain…there is no such thing as prayer unanswered or unnoticed by God…and some of the things we see as refusals or denials are simply delays.


Dear God, I understand that some of the things You’re quiet about are because You’re testing my faith. Grant me the grace and the patience to wait on You without falling into sin. Help me through those times when I feel like giving up on You. And remind me always that even when it appears you’re asleep in my wave tossed boat…You will awake in time to rescue me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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