How ‘good’ are you?

“He was delivered over to death for our offenses and was raised to life for our justification.”

Romans 4:25

Our initial response to that statement might be: “Offenses? What offenses? I’m a pretty good person who lives a pretty good life.”

And we are right…for the most part!

We have probably never killed anybody, or stolen from anybody lately, and we have not lied to anybody… today.

We are pretty good people.

But that is just the problem.

We are pretty good people living in a world that was created by a perfectly good God.

God is completely good, and we are…at best…only pretty good people with lots of flaws and failures.

And because God is good, He does not lower His standards in order to let sinners slide; God does not minimize lying or stealing or selfishness or even un-actioned sinful thoughts in order to make us feel better.

Our sins and our failures offend the goodness of God.

So whether or not we are think a pretty people…Jesus is our only hope for standing before the perfectly good God who created this world.


Dear God, as I get closer to you and become a better person, I realize I’m falling into the trap of feeling like I deserve Your salvation. Keep me humble Lord by reminding me always that no matter how good I think I am…I still need You. Amen

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