The Way of Truth

“Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life…”

John 3:36

None of us like to think about death…

…even though death is all around us, and we ourselves are getting closer to death every day.

Our natural inclination is to find creative ways to save ourselves from this inevitable end.

So we exercise religiously, diet regularly, dress fashionably…and while there is nothing wrong with any of these things…they are not the way to guarantee us an everlasting life.

The full proof path to an everlasting Life is through the Way of Truth; Jesus Christ.

Those who believe in Him are not just promised an everlasting life after physical death…we are also promised joy in this life by virtue of the peace of God which overshadows all our problems and transcends all understanding.


Dear God, Your Word has told me in several ways that the only way I can actually save myself is not by trying to escape death, but by facing it with the confidence that You have overcome it. As I submit to You, may the example of my life lead others to the Way of Truth and everlasting Life. Amen.

Excerpted from Bible Baptist Hour

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