The plain path please!

“Teach me thy way, O LORD, and lead me in a plain path, because of mine enemies.”

Psalm 27:11

That last decision we made…was it God’s will and way?

This is the first and most vital priority in making any decision…

But how can we know?

The decisions God prompts us to make will always be in complete agreement with His Word…the Bible.

God never leads anyone to live or act contrary to His Word, because His Word is His way for us…

Several times in our lives, we were required to make decisions according to wisdom we don’t have…futures we cannot see…and knowledge that is not ours…so in the absence of God we would be doomed to failure.

Then there is the matter of our enemies…

We have enemy in the form of desires in our own heart that are spawned from selfish lust and pride and envy.

We have enemies in the spiritual world that seek to draw us away from the path of godliness by any means necessary.

And sometimes our worst enemies are well-intentioned friends or family members whose priorities for us are not eternal or God-centered.

This is why like the psalmist our daily prayer must be to be lead in a plain path…


Dear God, I sometimes forget how close my enemies are and how they are looking for any opportunity to collapse me. Please make Your way plain before me…so that in spite of my enemies I will go down the path of Christian living. Amen.

5 thoughts on “The plain path please!

  1. O Jesus I have promised to serve you till the end be thou forever near me my master and my friend. May your name be Praised forever and ever Amen.


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