Tools with sharp teeth

“Do not be afraid, O worm Jacob…I will make you into a threshing sledge, new and sharp, with many teeth.”

Isaiah 41:14–15

I don’t think any two things could be in greater contrast than a worm and a threshing tool with sharp teeth.

A worm is very delicate…and a threshing tool with sharp teeth can cut through rock and not be broken…

…and this scripture suggests that our almighty God can convert one into the other. 🤔

God can take us as individuals or a nation, who have all the weakness of a worm, and through the energizing work of His Holy Spirit, endow us with strength enough to overcome everything and make a profound mark upon the history of our time.

Therefore as “worms” we must take heart, because God can and will make us stronger than our circumstances.

When God makes our will as tough as iron, we can cut through difficulties just as an iron plow cuts through the hardest soil…and as He as He has promised in the above verse, “I will make you…”


Dear God, sometimes I feel like the issues I face are so much bigger than me. Help me to believe that no matter how broken, dirty, crushed, failed, damaged, or destroyed I feel my situation is…You God, not only can…but will make me into a sharp tool that can cut through any challenge. Amen.

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