Problems from God

“And there came a lion.”

1 Samuel 17:34

Most normal people think of a lion not as a special blessing from the Lord but only as a reason for alarm. 😳

Yet this lion was an opportunity…it was God’s wonderful opportunity to elevate David.

If he had faltered and failed, he would probably have missed God’s opening for him to do all the things that ultimately led to him becoming the Lord’s chosen king of Israel

Every difficulty and every temptation that comes our way, if we receive it correctly, is an opportunity from God.

When a “lion” comes to our lives, let us recognize it as an opportunity from the Lord, no matter how fierce it may outwardly seem.


Dear God, as I enter into this new week, open my eyes to see You in every temptation, trial, danger, and misfortune. Help me to recognize them not as problems from the devil…but as opportunities from You. Amen.

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