Righteous lips

“The lips of the righteous nourish many.”

Proverb 10:21

We often undermine the power of our words.

But if we accept that God created the world with the word of His mouth. And then breathed a part of Himself into us in order that we may have life…

…then it means we all have God in us and have that same power to create (or destroy) with our words.

Literally we have the power to bring life (or death), health (or sickness), and good things (or bad things) to those we encounter.

It’s a huge responsibility which requires that we avoid gossip, slander, malice, and idle talk, which can steal and destroy life.


Dear God, I confess that my words are not always used in ways that honor You. Forgive me and help me to always remember that it’s not about how I feel…it’s about my duty to You. Please remind me daily of my responsibility to nourish those around me with words of encouragement, love, and appreciation. Worst case scenario Lord, help me to be quiet when I have nothing good to say. Amen.

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