Being witnesses

“This will result in your being witnesses to them.”

Luke 21:13

Sometimes it’s really difficult to understand why we have to go through some of the things we go through in life…especially the disasters and misfortunes.

And our tendency is to look inward to try to find what has ’caused’ our situation.

But many of life’s battles are not the ‘result’ of anything…rather they are the ‘trigger’ that will lead to a result…

…and that result may be the salvation and edification of others.

Therefore as we navigate the mountain of life’s challenges…and our view becomes clearer, and we discover things of importance…we need to be witnesses…testifying to others…just as others have gone ahead of us encouraging us to come this far.


Dear God, in life it is always encouraging to have those who have accomplished more than us…take the time to witness to us…and summon us to higher ground. Grant me the grace to stop making everything about me and start being a witness to someone, to encourage them to make it to their next level. Amen

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