Your faithful hands

“He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds…”

Psalm 147:3

Kids cry for a bandage even for the smallest of scrapes.

What is surprising is how much comfort they get from these small adhesive strips.

It probably has far less to do with the bandage and more to do with the fact that the bandage is put in place by hands with a history of showing them love and tenderness.

God does the same for us, where throughout our lives He uses the smallest things to bring us hope and healing.

When we are most broken He sends a phone call from a genuine friend. When we feel lost and lonely that “annoying” friend who never takes no for an answer suddenly wants to hangout…and despite ourselves…it ends up being an amazing time…and just what we needed.


Dear God, sometimes I don’t even recognise the ways in which You take care of the various scrapes in my life.  Help me to see all the small ways in which Your faithful hands are tending to my wounded heart. Amen

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