User-Friendly Discipleship

“Sell your possessions and give to the poor…then, come, follow me.” 

Matthew 19:21

Jesus certainly doesn’t make following Him easy or user-friendly.

As Christ interacted with the young wealthy man in this story, He recognized that for him and indeed for many of us, serving God was about ticking a checklist. 

The young man obeyed all the laws, but Jesus saw that he struggled with materialism, status, and obedience, and so He invites him to do three simple things in order to gain eternal life.

First, He asked him to sell the possessions that imprison him. Second, He asked him to give the proceeds to people who could not give him anything back. Third, He asked him to come and follow Jesus.

But the young man could not cross the discipleship line with Jesus. He went away disappointed because he did not want to give up his wealth for the Jesus life.

What about us? What prevents us from following Jesus today? How is our present life like that of the rich young man? What areas of our life are taking possession of us?


Dear God, I know that all the possessions and my status in life are blessings from You and I thank You for them. But these same possessions sometimes are an obstacle for me. Break the chains that prevent my heart from following You. And help me to put aside anything that distracts me from You. Amen

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