I can see clearly now…

“He looked up and said, “I see people; they look like trees walking around.””

Mark 8:24

When we go for an eye test, if we are not honest about what we see, we are not helping the doctor and we’re certainly not helping ourselves.

When Jesus asked the blind man what he could see, his response was honest. He said he could see people but they looked like walking trees. So there was vision, but it was not yet clear. Then Jesus touched him again, and his ­vision became clear.

Often times, when Jesus starts to work on us, we see the vision He has for our lives, but it’s not crystal clear. But in our excitement, we often abandon Jesus and take off on our own stumbling along with blurry vision. And that is usually where all our problems begin.

What we need to do is follow Jesus carefully, and ask Him to continue working in our situations so that we too can see clearly.


Dear God, thank You for continually working on me and helping me to see Your plan for my life. Grant me the humility and the patience to wait on You while You clear up and brighten my vision.

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