Reputational damage

“For John the Baptist came neither eating bread nor drinking wine, and you say, ‘He has a demon.’”

Luke 7:33

Jesus lifts up people whom society calls strange, weird and generally uncool.

This is what He did for John the Baptist.  When everyone accused John of being demon possessed, Jesus stepped in and set the record straight.  He confirmed that John was a prophet and more…not a person possessed by a demon and doing crazy things in the desert. He made clear that John’s mission from God was to prepare the way for He Jesus’ own work as the Messiah.

Sometimes our call to serve God is misunderstood by others and so they call us weird, they tease us about our refusal to practice “common” vices, and generally try to diminish us.

But we must not be discouraged or swayed by what they say because the life of John demonstrates that people throughout the centuries have criticized what they do not understand.  But Jesus Himself will defend us and set the record straight.  Our job is to remember that the example of our lives is ministering to someone and if we change to suit the world, that person may never come to know Christ. So we must push on despite the “reputational damage”.

Jesus always lifts up people whom society calls strange, untouchable, unworthy, or unredeemable. If you and I believe this, we will serve, knowing that He will exalt us too.


Dear God, I know sometimes I’m discouraged and want to be like everyone else, just so that life can be simpler.  Please forgive me for thinking this way and show me how to live in Your strength, and not mine, spreading your love and good news to all. Amen.

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