Enslaved by the enemy

“When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.”

Matthew 9:36

In the days before radio, television, or mass media, the only way to get the message out was by word of mouth. And that’s what Jesus did.

He got up close and personal with people…people who were broken and bruised by life. Rather than being repelled by them, Jesus was responsive to them. He viewed them with compassion. He saw their fear, their confusion, and their pain. And in response, His heart broke for them.

This is where all effective evangelism begins. With a heart that is broken over the brokenness we see in others.

The question is, when you look around our neighborhood and community, what do you see? Do we see people who are floundering or flustered by life? Do we see people who are desperate or deceived?

If we do, then our job is to reach out to them and not avoid them. We shouldn’t be afraid that their brokenness will somehow ensnare us.

We must remember that people who are in trouble are not the enemy; they’re merely enslaved by the enemy.


Dear God, stir within me a concern for the lost and the lonely around me. Give me eyes to see their true spiritual condition. And grant me the courage to point them towards Christ.

6 thoughts on “Enslaved by the enemy

  1. Lord have mercy on us miserable sinners give us the strength to impart your love and share your Grace which has brought us this far through your son Jesus Christ our lord and saviour Amen .


  2. Amen. Sometimes it is easier to judge than to have compassion on people who are “different” from us. But if we see them as not knowing what we know, or not experiencing what we have experienced in Christ – if we remember where we ourselves were and where we have come from, we can relate to their brokenness and be able to show them towards Christ. We must always remember that it is by grace that we have come this far, it is by grace that we know this much – not because we are more deserving or better than them. 😊


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