Full of good intentions

“Martha … you are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed.” 

Luke 10:41-42

There’s a line in a poem that says, “If all the rubbish in my soul were cleared away, I would see God.”

I think it sums up most of us. Our lives are cluttered with stuff to do; appointments to keep, e-mails to send, meetings to go to, parties to plan, kids to pick up. And each of them is a legitimate activity that needs doing. But sometimes, in all our doing, we fail to see God.

That’s what happened to Martha. But we shouldn’t be too hard on her because she had good intentions.  She was fussing over Jesus. Trying to give Him the best of everything.

But with all her “good intentions” she failed to see that sitting in her family room was God Himself.

How many times have we each missed out on God’s true message to us, because we were too busy trying to forward that same message to other people? Or how many times have we neglected to really listen to Godly wisdom from our children, because we were too busy getting ready for church? Our actions may be filled with good intentions…but they are not always the right things to do.


Dear God, help me to keep my priorities straight, and keep me from getting distracted by the good but sometimes unnecessary things I do in an effort to please You.   Help me to focus on You and how I can live for You. Amen.

9 thoughts on “Full of good intentions

  1. My sweet friend, I love getting these daily devotions from you and also enjoy getting to see your face with it every dayi So proud of all you have accomplished in life! Love you!

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  2. Thanks be to God Almighty for his word Amen. May the lord continue to guide and redirect our path through Christ Jesus.


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