Do something!!!

“The kingdom of God…is like a mustard seed…It grew and became a tree.”

Luke 13:18-19

Each year CNN selects ten individuals who have made a big difference in the lives of other people. This year one of the people chosen was a young man who when he was 12, had to undergo court ordered anger management classes after getting arrested for a fight. Today at 31, he has created a boxing program which has helped over 300 young people stay on the right path.

The story reminds me of the parable of the mustard seed. According to Jesus, God’s kingdom here on earth is like a mustard seed, which starts out very small and can grow into a tree.  Sometimes our efforts seem so small and insignificant. And it’s easy to think that one visit to an orphanage, or one afternoon at a soup kitchen is a waste of time and can accomplish nothing.

Today’s parable assures us that Jesus can turn even our smallest ­efforts into something great for His kingdom!  So while it’s true that we can’t do everything, we must each make sure we do something!


Dear God, help me to see that You will use even my smallest efforts to build Your kingdom. Amen.

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