They matter too…yes even them!

“Rejoice with me; I have found my lost sheep.”

Luke 15:6

The world we live in today only acknowledges people with wealth, power and prestige. But Jesus has a very different perspective.  He places a premium not on the accomplished, but on the ones that have lost their way…the street kids, drug addicts and the like.  

In fact, the premium He places on them is so high that He is willing to leave the rest of the flock to go out and search for the them. And when He finds that missing sheep, He doesn’t scold it and make it feel bad…He calls up His family and friends to celebrate the victory of bringing the lost sheep home.

The same is supposed to apply in church.  The priority of the church should not be those who pay the biggest tithes and donate the most to the annual harvest. Or even those who come every Sunday and are involved in various fellowships.  The church like Christ should be focused on those who have gone down the wrong path.  Those who have chosen alternate life styles. Those who hardly come to church.  That is who Christ cares about the most, and who the church should be fawning over.  

Jesus tells us the first will be last and the last will be first. God’s world is a world of grace. His love is not dependent on our actions. Even when we wander away, He still cares enough to chase us down and bring us home.


Dear God, thank You for chasing me down and bringing me home again. Thank You for caring about every one of us and for Your willingness to die for us.  Amen.

12 thoughts on “They matter too…yes even them!

  1. I pray that the lord will touch the hearts of those who have not yet believed in the mighty lord it’s my prayer that we’ll all come home to roost. Amen

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  2. My soul has found a resting place in the Lord Almighty, thank you Lord Almighty for accepting even me. May your name be Praised forever and ever Amen. God bless you my dear Rev’d Fr. May the lord continue to use you to glorify his name. Amen

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