Gratitude is the cure

“Stand up and go. Your faith has healed you.”

Luke 17:19

It seems odd that even after the one leper had been healed, Jesus said to him again, “your faith has healed you.”

It implies that there are different types of healing…an external healing, which is what all ten received…and an internal (spiritual and emotional) healing, which is what the one leper received.

Many of us have come out of difficult situations; job losses, divorces, accidents, sickness; and even though we are physically healed we’re still hurt, angry, and bitter about the situation. In other words we’re still sick emotionally and spiritually.

But this story tells us that the cure to all spiritual and emotional sickness is gratitude.

If we look over our entire life and think of all the ways God has blessed us…we will see that we have far more to be grateful for than to be angry and bitter about.

And when we express that gratitude to God, He Himself will remove our spiritual and emotional pain.


Dear God, teach me to be grateful for all the things that have gone well in my life. I know sometimes things go wrong, but as I express my gratitude to You, relieve me of all my pain, and hurt, and bitterness, and make me truly healed. Amen.

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