Looking past God’s goodness

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged.”

Matthew 7:1

If we observe the make up of most people, about 90% of who they are mentally, physically, and emotionally is still as they received it from God. The impact of their own mistakes, and the circumstances of this world contribute roughly to 10% of their makeup. And yet most of us when we see a person only see that 10%.

If they have a scar on their body, that is all we see. We look past every other perfect patch of skin and hone in on that scar. If they have one child out of wedlock and three children in marriage, our comment is usually centered around how terrible it is that they had this child.

But there is so much that is wonderful and amazing about each of us. And therefore we should develop a habit of looking for the goodness and beauty that God has deposited in people, and not pointing out their mistakes. We should appreciate that God created each of us to be unique and to have an incredible worth.

Judgment is for God alone, but Satan continually tempts us to venture into this restricted area. It is true that we are responsible to discern, but our primary calling is to love…and we are unable to do that when we judge others.


Dear God, forgive me for judging others. Help me to leave judgment to You. Help me follow Your command to love others as myself. In Jesus, Amen.

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