My house will be a house of prayer…

“he said to them, “‘My house will be a house of prayer’; but you have made it ‘a den of robbers”
Luke 19:46

In Jesus’ day, people coming to the Temple needed to buy animals for sacrifices. As a result, there was a thriving business outside the temple. Jesus had no problem with that. What He objected to was that this trading business had crept into the Temple…into the House of God.

Today many churches have the exact same problem. Selling has crept into the House of God. Water, oil, prophecies, and God’s free gift of salvation are being sold in the church…all in the name of prosperity.

Jesus was a true prophet. He spoke as a messenger of God and was indeed God’s own Son. He stood as a counter-witness to all that is against truth, love, and justice. As such He incurred the anger and hostility of those who had power based on falsehood, self-interest, corruption, and injustice.

Today we as the church are called upon to continue Christ’s mission of counter-witnessing. It will win us the support and admiration of some, but also the hostility, anger, and even violence of others.

This is something we should neither be surprised at nor try to run away from. Our only concern must be always to speak God’s truth in love. God will take care of the rest. Because ultimately, truth, love, and justice will prevail.


Dear God, grant me the boldness to be a counter-witness to all that is false in Your church today. And give me the strength to endure the fallout. Amen.

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