“Even so, when you see these things happening, you know that the kingdom of God is near.

Luke 12:31

When the sky darkens with rain clouds, chickens interpret it as night and they rush to find a place to sleep. But we understand that it is going to rain, and so we pull out an umbrella or seek shelter in order to wait it out.

That difference in response is what one might call discernment. For Christians, discernment is the process of searching God’s will and deciding how to respond to it. 

And as we put into practice the attitudes and values of Jesus, they become the criteria by which we evaluate the situations in which we find ourselves and how we respond to them.  


Dear God, as the liturgical year ends, help me to recognize the signs of my life, and grant me the discernment to interpret them correctly. Amen

6 thoughts on “Discernment

  1. Once more another month has come. This means sacrificing some sleep, rest or comfort to feed our souls.
    Thanks for the great job you are doing. We love you .
    God richly bless you.

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