Listening is tough!

“Listen! …”

Mark 4:3

Listening is tough!

It requires openness, focus, and concentration. And how we listen reveals what is going on in our hearts.

Jesus’ parable of the sower is about how we listen to the Word of God. And in telling the parable He begins with the word “Listen!”

It is both a plea and a command because He knows that it is by listening that we come to know God. And it is when we know God that we learn to understand ourselves, and our purpose in this world.

So the question is, how carefully are we listening to God’s Word?


Dear God, help me to listen to Your Word. By it, build my faith, cleanse my life, and make me faithful to my purpose. Amen.

4 thoughts on “Listening is tough!

  1. Beloved God bless you exceedingly for all the wonderful messages. The word of God is so important in our life so we must work hard to have a good relationship with Christ Jesus through the word of God. God loves you. Jesus


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